Life is too short to stress and worry about things out of our control. What we can do to make life more pleasurable is live a little. Most of us work and save what we can and hope for a better tomorrow. Making smart decisions with limited resources can open doors to a more comfortable future. They say knowledge is power, and it is true …knowing what to do is the first step to a lifetime of fulfillment and happiness.

chair by beach landscape

My name is Shaun Sadree, some refer to me as The Landscape Artist. I have many talents in the arts. Music and landscaping are my two artistic outlets and as you can tell by now they are my passion and have given me the power I am going to share with you today. Please take some time to explore this website in detail. I have done much research to bring to you the power to invest wisely in something that almost always goes unnoticed, yet is everywhere we look! I am talking about landscaping and the returns on this investment will surprise you!

Landscape Investment


Like any other improvement project you do to your home, Landscaping also has the potential to increase your property’s value. If you are selling a home in this downed housing market, consider this:

If you were the buyer...

Overgrown Landscape

Which house would you desire more?

1. A home with an overgrown jungle in front of it.
2. A home with no flower beds – only grass from the street to the building.
3. A home with a poorly planned, low budgeted landscape.
4. A home with a cleverly designed and easy to maintain landscape that flows from one part of the property to next. A landscape that reflects the pride and care its owner put into it.

Poorly Designed Landscape

Most would pick option 4 simply because the FIRST feature people see when they drive past a “For Sale” sign in front of a property is …you guessed it …its landscape. I’m sure (it’s been proven) it will have major impact on the results you would be looking for if you were planning to sell a home in any market.


Other Benefits of Landscaping

Beside the profit potential that landscaping can bring to real estate, other benefits can far out-weigh the cost of the investment. Beautiful landscaping lifts the human spirit and calms the mind. In these tough times, many of us are stressed with the day to day grind just surviving instead of living. Life is a gift some never get a chance to enjoy, because we are always working and saving. Our time living is limited, the time to live is now!

Stress and Depression Cycle

The environment we chose to live in can impact our mental health. Surrounding yourself with nature brings the soul to life and will change the way you feel and live. Why is it that amusement parks spend huge budgets annually on landscaping?

Landscape Flowers

Hospitals and nursing homes also know that attractive landscaping is necessary to lift the spirit …that is why they too have annual budgets for landscaping.

Commercial Landscaping

The Falling Dollar

This is no big secret… the US dollar has been on a decline for many years. Some economists even predict a collapse, which has many hard working people worried about their future. These days, people are looking for safe investments to secure their savings. Some turn to gold or real estate.

Falling Dollar Value

Most of us already have a house we live in. Many don’t plan to move any time soon, but things can change. Landscaping is much more than pretty plants—a good landscape design can add 20 percent to the value of your property. What this can do to resale value is shocking! If planned well and professionally installed, a new landscape design could bring 100% - 200% returns on the investment. This makes adding attractive landscaping around your home a sound investment to secure your hard-earned money against the continued loss of value to the US dollar. Go ahead …live a little!

lady enjoying her landscape investment

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